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The Gel Loading Manifolds (GLM’s) are designed to interface with the leading disposable cartridge gel electrophoresis systems. The systems are prepared per the specific product protocol except instead of loading using pipet tips, the GLM is attached on top of the gel cartridge via adhesive gaskets. Commercially available PCR tube strips are then placed into the GLM receiving holes, the reusable GLM Injector is placed over the GLM and downward force is applied.

Electrophoresis is performed in the usual manner and the results are easily visualized through the GLM. After electrophoresis, the gel cartridge, GLM, and tubes are disposed as an assembled unit keeping the PCR products contained within.

Gel Loading Manifold(TM) (GLM's) (Patent Pending)

Pipette-free Loading of Electrophoresis Gels
A system that interfaces with cartridge-type disposable gels (i.e. Invitrogen's E-gel, Lonza's Flash Gel) and eliminates the need and the associated contamination risk of loading with a pipette.​