Integrate Alluvia with existing qPCR workflows to achieve the advantages of using multiplex 2-step PCR while eliminating the related DNA carryover contamination risk:
Advantages of 2-Step PCR:

  • Improves sensitivity, particularly when using precious samples, by multiplexing during the first step (less total sample needed);
  • Improves specificity when using a second pair of nested primers.

​​Alluvia provides Consumable-Based PCR Product Containment:

  • Biochemical methods are often not sufficient (i.e. uracil/UNG is useful for only one round of 2-step PCR, and ineffective for methylation detection when utilizing bisulfite treatment);
  • Facility and workflow-based containment strategies are cumbersome, costly, user dependent, and failure prone.

Demonstrated Assays:

  • qPCR-based Gene Expression
  • DNA Methylation Analysis;
  • Pathogen DNA Detection.
  • ​Provides continuous containment thereby eliminating PCR product carry-over contamination.
  • Improves efficiencies and reduces user error by eliminating pipetting steps.
  • Ideal for qPCR applications that utilize pre-amplification.
  • The PLM (Plate Loading Manifold) consumable can be a vehicle for lyophilized prepackaged 2-step qPCR assay kits.
  • PLM available in 1x8, 1x96, 2x48, 4x24, and NEW 4x96 formats.

Alluvia Technology (Patent Pending)

The Alluvia is a consumable/instrument system that dilutes and transfers a sample from a single PCR tube into a 96 & 384 well qPCR plate or tube strip, which are ready for subsequent qPCR.