A consumable / instrument system to dilute and transfer first step PCR products from single PCR tube into multiple second step PCR wells for subsequent qPCR and gel electrophoresis while providing continuous sample containment.​​

  • Eliminates PCR contamination risks;
  • Integrates with existing qPCR and Gel electrophoresis workflows;
  • Integrates with standard lab equipment, consumables, and biochemistry.

Advantages and Benefits of the Alluvia System:
Enables 2-Step Multiplexed Nested PCR, which:

  • Improves sensitivity, particularly when using precious samples, by high multiplexing during the first step (less total sample needed);
  • Improves specificity by using a second pair of nested primers.

​​Provides Consumable-Based PCR Product Containment, when:

  • Biochemical methods are not sufficient (i.e. uracil/UNG is useful for only one round of 2-step PCR, and ineffective for methylation detection when utilizing bisulfite treatment);
  • Facility and workflow-based containment strategies are cumbersome, costly, and are more user dependent and failure prone.

Applications Demonstrated:

  • DNA Methylation Analysis;
  • Pathogen Detection.