A consumable / instrument system to dilute and transfer first step PCR products from single PCR tube into multiple second step PCR wells for subsequent qPCR (and/or gel electrophoresis) while providing continuous sample containment.​​

  • Eliminates PCR contamination risks;
  • Integrates with existing qPCR and gel electrophoresis workflows;
  • Integrates with standard lab equipment, consumables, and biochemistry.

Advantages and Benefits:
Enables 2-Step Multiplexed Nested PCR, which:

  • Improves sensitivity, particularly when using precious samples, by high multiplexing during the first step (less total sample needed);
  • Improves specificity by using a second pair of nested primers.

​​Provides Consumable-Based PCR Product Containment, when:

  • Biochemical methods are not sufficient (i.e. uracil/UNG is useful for only one round of 2-step PCR, and ineffective for methylation detection when utilizing bisulfite treatment);
  • Facility and workflow-based containment strategies are cumbersome, costly, and are more user dependent and failure prone.

Applications Demonstrated:

  • DNA Methylation Analysis;
  • Pathogen Detection.